Monday, January 25, 2010

Impact Digital Signs Health EOSK Unveiled

Impact Digital Signs Inc., an interactive media company, announced today the unveiling of the company’s interactive health kiosk system. Their health kiosk marketed as the Health EOSK™, debuted on January 15 at Westfield Citrus Park Town Center Mall, 8021 Citrus Park Town Center Mall Tampa, FL 33625. The Health EOSK™ allows consumers to learn about foremost health topics, and connect with local health professionals and business via a unique interactive experience.

At Health EOSK™ visitors can read or watch video on the benefits of chiropractic care, dental health, massage therapy, exercise, nutrition and additional topics that promote optimal health. Other content includes information on local physicians and the latest treatments available to those in need. One unique feature integrated with the system is the ChiroBot™.

ChiroBot™ was invented by Impact Digital Signs engineers, and the company is the processes of securing patent protection. ChiroBot™ is an advanced technology that visually analyzes the visitor’s posture to assess their spinal health. It takes just minutes and generates results instantly. ChiroBot™ works with the Health EOSK™ embedded computing platform and integrated video camera which may be shared by other modules hosted on the kiosk. Other screening modules are in the works, including a dental screener t hat will enable visitors to visualize the potential results of various dental treatment options.

The Impact Digital Signs EOSK concept is a natural extension of the company’s digital-out-of-home media network. “Our EOSKs provide consumers the opportunity to research and purchase products and services at their own pace and without pressure,” said Howard Ingham, Vice President of Business Development of Impact Digital Signs. “Our system combines the latest interactive content, touch screens, displays, and networking bringing the information out of cyberspace and into the public space where consumers are ready and willing to engage.”

The Health EOSK™ looks like a typical kiosk with two bright 42-inch displays, and stereo sound. Those who wish to visit the Health EOSK™ at Citrus Park Town Center will find it in the main atrium near Starbucks. The Health EOSK™ shall remain at this location indefinitely and content will be updated on a regular basis with the latest and greatest on health and wellness.

“As a busy health care professional it can be difficult to get out into the community and engage folks about the benefits of staying healthy and treatment options.” said Dr. Raul Serrano of Westchase Chiropractic, a content provider. “With the Health EOSK™ I can have a virtual conversation with the public raising awareness of chiropractic care, and provide them with a direct SMS connection straight to my cell phone.”

Impact Digital Signs plans to expand the local EOSK presence to include malls in Tampa, Clearwater, Brandon, Sarasota, and Wesley Chapel. Other content themes are also under consideration by company executives including automotive, real estate, fundraising and government. Keep an eye out for new installations at your local mall.

Local health and wellness professionals and businesses interested in Health EOSK™ can visit to learn more.

About Impact Digital Signs, Inc.

Impact Digital Signs specializes in interactive media including interactive kiosks, and digital signage. The company’s solutions such as EOSK™, and IDSI Net™ digital signage network, integrate the latest technologies to help businesses and individuals communicate in new and innovative ways. For more information, visit

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